Seiland National Park

Hønseby is a small village on the island Seiland, and an ideal destination for a day trip by bicycle or by car.

On the way to the island, you will take the ferry from the Hammerfest side to the island Seiland. This is a short hop, about 10 minutes. The ferry goes several times per day. For the time schedule, see the link here or below.

On Seiland, the road will pass a colony of sea gulls, nestling on the steep cliffs on the other side of a narrow fjord. You will here them for sure, but the spot of the colony - it is also a small nature reserve - is here.

In Hønseby, you can visit the local supermarktet, which also doubles as the local coffee corner, mini museum, tourist information spot, terrace (with good ice and cold beer). Be sure to check out the small museum, it does not take much time (4 square metres?), but it is interesting. Entrance is for free.

The supermarket also houses Seiland Explore, the local tourist company and overall great people. They can help you with rooms and cabins to stay for the night, boats to rent for a fishing expedition, northern lights adventures and anything else to make your stay on Seiland unforgettable.

From Hønseby, you can hike to the nearby lake Storvannet, which is about a 2 km hike.

For those who wish to go beyond, you can hike in the national park which covers half of the island. Click on the link here or below for more information about the national park Seiland.


One popular desyination is the glacier Seilandsjøkelen. This is a hike that will take at least one and often two days. The people at the local tourist information (in the supermarket) can tell you more about it.

Distance of the ride from Hammerfest ot Hønseby: 30 kilometres

Difficulty: easy, you follow the main road, which has only a few somewhat steeper parts.

Duration: 1,5-2 hours (one way)

Start: Hammerfest

Route: Route on Google maps

Map of the area: Map of northern Seiland on

The timetable for the ferry from Strømsnes in Akkarfjord (on the Hammerfest side) to Kjerringholmen (on Seiland): Timetable Strømsnes-Kjerringholmen

Explanation of the timetable: page 1 gives the times for the ferry from Strømsnes in Akkarfjord (so from Hammerfest) to Seiland. Page 2 gives the times for the ferry from Kjerringholmsen on Seiland to Strømsnes in Akkarfjord. The code on the first row - "DX67" and so on - indicates the days for which the times are valid. "D" = Daily, "X" = But not, "1" = Monday, "2" = Tuesday, "7" is Sunday. So "124" means that this time is valid for Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. "DX67" means the ferry sails all days, but not Saturday and Sunday.

You can pay with Norwegian crowns or with a credit card on board of the ferry. The ferry takes cars and camper vans.